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14. Representation. -
(1)The four copies of the design required by rule 11 shall be exactly similar drawings, photographs, tracings or other representations of the design or shall be specimens of the design.
(2) When a design is to be applied to a set, each representation accompanying the application shall show all the various arrangements in which it is proposed to apply the design to the articles included in the set.
(3) Each representation of the design whether to be applied to a single article or to a set, shall be on durable paper of A4 size (and not on cardboard) and shall appear on one side only of the paper. The figure or figures shall be placed in an upright position on the sheet. When more figures than one are shown, these shall, where possible, be on one and the same sheet, and each shall be designated (e.g. perspective view; front view, side view).
(4) When a design is to be applied to a set, any doubt whether the given articles do or do not constitute a set shall be determined by the controller.
(5) If the specimens are not, in the opinion of the Controller, suitable for record in the office they shall be replaced by representations.
(6) Where words, letters or numerals are not of the essence of the design, they shall be removed from the representations or specimens; where they are of the essence of the design, the Controller may require the insertion of a disclaimer of any right to their exclusive use.
(7) Each representation of a design, which consists of a repeating surface pattern, shall show the complete pattern and a sufficient portion of the repeat in length and width, and shall not be of less size than 5 by 4 inches or 13.00 centimetres by 10.00 centimetres.
(8) If the name or representations of living persons appear on a design the Controller shall, if he so requires, be furnished with consents from such persons before proceeding to register the design. In the case of a deceased person, the Controller may call for consent from the legal representative before proceeding with the registration of the design on which the names or representations appear.

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